What we did
Fluxx helped MORE TH>N to revolutionise its offering and bring about meaningful change.

We ran a 48 hour RapidStart event that encouraged creative thinking and enhanced productivity. This helped MORE TH>N to work differently and, ultimately, to serve their customers better.

From this session, MORE TH>N developed two breakthrough propositions, which they took to market, and both later became the topic of their two main TV advertising campaigns.

With the brand revitalised, and their customer experience transformed, MORE TH>N saw a rise in lead generation, an increase in sales and was shortlisted for ‘Insurer of the Year’.

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“Fluxx – as a team – are innovative, customer-centric and value-driven, making them a perfect fit with the MORE TH>N brand. The outcome of our work with them was phenomenal. I haven’t seen anything alter Net Promoter Score that drastically in all my time in the insurance industry.”

Matt Poll, Commercial Director, MORE TH>N