What we did
Working with LV= to create an award winning knowledge management system.Using the Fluxx “RapidStart” approach and Lean product development methods, the LV= and Fluxx team defined the key features for the new intranet knowledge management (KM) system which was identified as a key service that could be provided via new digital tools.The team took an innovative approach to information sharing using the concepts of social media services that users were already familiar with. During the RapidStart process we developed a pilot system in just two days, the previous solution took over a year and incurred over 50 times the cost. Using social collaboration and gamification Resolv= makes it easier and quicker for LV= staff to answer customer queries.To find out more, please click here

The success of the Resolv= project has seen LV= win multiple awards, including a triple win in the FSTech Awards 2014.

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