Fluxx for Good & The Royal Society of Arts


We recently launched a brand-new social innovation program, called Fluxx for Good, which we created as a way for us to try to help to solve problems facing our society and do our bit to create a better world for everyone.

When we launched, we promised that we’d soon be announcing the name of our first social-innovation partner. We’re thrilled to be able to announce that for our first partner will be: The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce!

Why the RSA?

The RSA has an amazing network of 27,000 fellows, who are dedicated to enriching society and shaping the future. By supporting these fellows, and through their own thoughtful research, the RSA has been a driving force for positive social change since it was founded over 250 years ago.

Amongst other remarkable contributions, the RSA has been responsible for inventing the plaques scheme to mark the birthplace of historical figures, for successfully pushing for education for girls, and it was the first organisation to call for public toilets.

In our work at Fluxx we prize creativity, lateral thinking, empowerment and diversity. We also believe that these things are crucial to a happy and thriving society.

The RSA does incredible and tireless work to advance these values. It is a shining light in the world of social innovation, and its progressive combination of deep thought and action is a brilliant match for our own founding philosophy of “big thinking, brought to life”.

We couldn’t be happier to be working with the RSA, and hope that we’ll achieve great things together. A massive thanks to the team at the RSA for agreeing to partner with us.

What will we be doing together?

There’ll be more details to come, but expect some radical innovation in November, an incubator to pilot new ideas, and a program to mentor and support social-start-up-super-stars and winners of the RSA Catalyst grant funding.

Watch this space – it’s going to be good!