The Force was strong at our innovation review


We had a great night on Thursday 3rd December at our event ‘Fluxx Awakens the Force of Innovation’, reviewing the good, the bad and the downright sinister innovations and products to emerge this year. With standing room only and superb guest speakers, Fluxx’s own Paul Dawson kicked off the evening explaining our somewhat tenuous link to Star Wars.

Innovation is like the Force, so powerful it can transform ordinary mortals into rulers of the galaxy, it can be used for good, but also has a dark side.

To start off we looked at the light, companies using innovation for good, such as Toms One for One shoes, Warby Parker eyewear and showcasing the work Fluxx have been doing with the RSA to help with social innovation.

Fluxx Super Startup

“A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defence. Never for attack”

Following this Paul highlighted how all industries are experiencing disruption, brought to light by Ken Marke of Ageas, explaining how insurance is experiencing great disruption, after hundreds of years of stability insurance is entering a new era; they are looking to harness innovation to avoid becoming obsolete.


“The force is strong with this one”

Russell Hall, an original East End taxi driver and founder of the Hailo black cab app shared his thoughts on the disruption in the taxi market. It all started in the East End, the founders looked at an old industry and thought how it could be bought bang up to date. The app overcomes the basic problem of payment in a black cab and delivers a great user experience for both drivers and passengers. With the combination of insider knowledge and getting the right people to do the development Hailo is transforming the Black Cab industry (just don’t mention the U word).


“Ahh, hard to see, the Dark Side is.”

And last but certainly not least was Rob Greig of the Parliamentary Digital Service, who took us on a tour of the Dark Web, showing us how to rent-a-hacker and source a UK Passport…  Rob highlighted the lack of security online and how hacking has effected everything, if it’s connected to the web it can be hacked. We’re sure a few in the audience went home to activate their double authentication login for Google and Facebook! 

Who’s hacking who? Norse shows real time visibility into global cyber attacks.


The full presentation slides can be viewed here.

The night was ended with drinks, canapés and music from our own Cantina band – Middle Ground. Thanks to all who came along to make the night a great success!

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