How much can an organisation change in 6 weeks? #RSAaccelerate


The RSA’s mission is to give everyone in society the Power to Create; to change the world by giving people the ability to turn their ideas into action.

In October, we helped the RSA to launch RSAaccelerate: a 6 week project designed to quickly develop ideas that will transform the way the RSA works, based on the challenge “how can the RSA accelerate ideas to real-world change from 6 months to 6 weeks”.

The kick off was a two-day RapidStart event where 23 ideas were pitched by staff from across the RSA. The teams voted on four big ideas to work on, around:

  1. Space: making the RSA building more engaging to the public and a better place to work
  2. Values: ensuring the RSA lives it’s values and leads the non-profit sector in terms of equality, sustainability, and staff empowerment
  3. Impact: creating new ways to measure and communicate the RSA’s social impact
  4. Engagement: finding new ways to get across to the public the brilliant work the RSA does

In just two days, the ideas already started to make a real impact. Maps were handed out in the lobby of the RSA House, Twitter scrapers were displaying live updates of the event, and many more ideas were being prototyped and experimented with.

RSA Chief Executive Mathew Taylor said he was “thrilled” by what he’d seen and deeply impressed by the “not just creativity but the range and practicality of the ideas”. He’s pledged to support 3 of the four projects.

Over 6 weeks, Fluxx, Amido and the RSA teams will be helping the project teams at The RSA house, with updates here on the Fluxx For Good blog.