Startup Lunches

Last week we did the first Fluxx #startuplunch 

Most of our work is for big companies, but the things we learn in the course of that work can often help startups – and we all enjoy helping and nurturing ideas no matter where they come from.

We offer startups – usually in the early days – a simple sit down lunch where they get to make their pitch – get some honest, objective feedback and suggestions on how to move forward – and maybe they get to ask about some things that are worrying or concerning them.

We promise not to nick your ideas – but equally we can’t promise you that we’re not already working on something similar for a client – but the worst case is you get to road-test your idea in front of a bunch of objective people who spend most of their days nurturing ideas and helping find practical ways to test them with real people.

Best case, you make friends with an interesting bunch who will be supporters and enthusiasts ongoing, and might well be able to give you the push you need to get to the next level.

Last week,… we ran our first one with My Friend and Me….

At Fluxx, we really love what we do, so if you’re interested in sharing your idea and getting some real feedback, get in touch: