Atkins Digital Incubator


Fluxx has been working with Atkins for the past 18 months, to create a vision for the future of engineering.

We’ve been helping Atkins to change their mind-set: to develop an appetite to be more adventurous and more curious about the future.

After lots of creative hard work, we’ve created a vision around how the future of digital engineering should look.

You can watch that vision unfold here. 

Atkins Digital Engineering Vision 2020.


But more than that, we’ve also been working with Atkins to develop a way of making rapid advancements towards this vision.

That’s why we’ve developed the Atkins Digital Incubator.


What is the Digital Incubator?

The Digital Incubator is a joint venture between Atkins and innovation partner Fluxx.

Together, we will be working on exciting initiatives across the world.

Within the Digital Incubation unit, Atkins will work to rapidly develop and validate new ideas in digital engineering.

The lean approach that Fluxx will bring to the process will embrace radical thinking. We’ll also be on the constant lookout for disruptive business opportunities.

Atkins will use the products that they’ve helped to develop, to quickly meet and solve the most prominent of their client needs.


How will the Digital Incubator work?

The Digital Incubator will collaboratively turn ideas into reality in an intense 6-8 weeks.

Instead of market research and focus groups, teams will build and ship proof-of-concepts, and then learn and iterate by watching how real customers use their products.

The Digital Incubator will establish and validate the market fit for new business and product ideas.

We are looking for the intersection between: customer desirable, business viable and technically feasible.

We’ll be helping businesses to develop their products and answer the following questions:

  • “Will my product work before investing serious money?”
  • “How can we differentiate?”
  • “How can my team be more innovative?”
  • “How can we try our technology quickly, before a competitor does?”


Are there any examples of Digital Incubator work?

Recently, we’ve been working on a series of Drone workshops. We’ve been thinking about how drone users can monetise on all of the data that they’ll collect.

It’s just one example of vision being turned into reality, that you can read more about here.


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