The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of 2016


Last night we hosted our event reviewing “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” digital innovations of 2016.  These annual reviews have become somewhat of an end of year tradition, and it was great to see so many friends and clients of Fluxx able to attend.

In the spirit of the newly welcomed December month, our office was cleared of its desks to make space for a bar, a band, a chestnut cart – and of course a Christmas tree.

Guests flooded in, arriving in time for the festivities to be kicked off by Fluxx’s own Richard Poole, who lead us through a brief history of Fluxx as well as current projects. A particular highlight was an adorable picture of his son (pictured) – the same age as Fluxx, and just as questioning in nature.



Paul Dawson (following his rise to fame after his photography featured in the new John Lewis advert) proceeded to summarise the events of 2016 – not all as horrible as you might think, coming to the conclusion that:

“2016 was the year we stopped talking about technology and started using it”

If you’re wondering what it means — think about the media frenzy around how social media was used to push Obama’s rise to presidency – compared to the personality clashes that dominated media coverage this time around. It seems that in 2016, digital has become less of a topic, and more of an assumption.

Paul also explained to guests something that has become a bit of a mantra to Fluxx this year: “Start by starting”. We’ve been getting clients out of the office actually talking to people – as working with the Parlimentary Digital Service has proven, is the best way to validate ideas.


Our first guest speaker of the night was award-winning keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, Mischa Dohler.


Mischa, fresh off the plane from Madrid and mojito in hand, talked the audience through the digital topics that have kept him up at night in 2016:

1. The notion of the universe as a simulation – Apparently, there’s a huge number of glitches and inconsistencies in our universe which point to the possibility that we, and the world around us, are nothing more than a simulation. Definitely one to think about.

2. The acceleration of pace – in terms of business and innovation. The real reason why the IoT, autonomous vehicles and other digital innovations are slow to take off is not that technology isn’t moving fast enough – but because people take time to accept them.

3. The internet of skills – you heard it here first. Take a look for yourself – the theory behind this is that as soon as we’re able to develop internet networks with 0 delay in transmission, to anywhere in the world, even skilled workers such as engineers and surgeons could work remotely. Scary, or amazing?


Next up, was TEDx speaker and founder of Consciously Digital, Anastasia Dedyukhina, who made an interesting case for the audience to disconnect from digital (once in a while).  


Anastasia detailed her own journey from checking her phone on average every 4.3 minutes (like the rest of us) to throwing away her smartphone and digitally disconnecting from emails out of hours. Why? Because the lack of scarcity of information – a result of having the world in our pockets – has severely affected the human attention span – which is now less than that of a goldfish.

Anastasia challenged us all to send less emails, detailed companies that ban emailing out of hours, and secretly made us all wish that we worked for her!


Finally, Craig Crawford, IT strategist and Apps For Good advisor took the stage to blow our minds about the minds of the future. Apps for Good encourages students to identify and solve business problems, using tech. With a huge 52% female make up, and teaching team building and leadership skills, it’s fair to say the audience left feeling as excited about the initiative as Craig himself.

Craig Crawford


Paul Dawson tied up the evening with a summary, some top secret super exciting news, and a video to restore all faith in humanity and what they can do with tech.

The night was ended with drinks, canapés and music by Jonny & Ati.  

Jonny & Ati

Thanks to all who came along to make the night a great success! Make sure you don’t miss out on next year by signing up for our newsletter.

You can explore the topics we covered in more detail on the Fluxx Studio Notes Medium Publication. Including the not to be missed ’52 things I learnt in 2016’ list by Tom Whitwell.