About Fluxx

You’ve got an idea that could revolutionise your company – in fact you’ve had it for ages

But you’ve been so busy with business as usual that the idea has not had a chance to breathe. At Fluxx we encourage big companies to break their stride and not only help them validate whether or not it’s the right idea – but also make sure it gets implemented the right way. We don’t make blue-sky recommendations, we actually develop ideas, test them with real customers and get things happening – fast.

You’ve identified an area into which your business should be moving but you’re unsure where to start

Fluxx demystifies the innovation process, providing brilliant basics, a clear vision and structured roadmap. We encourage big companies to think like start-ups, helping our clients become agile and responsive, enabling a cultural shift to be made in the way they think and operate, so that innovation can flourish.

Our work, our clients

Fluxx partners


Richard Poole

Richard has spent his career devoted to finding innovative ways of solving problems. From Accenture to Conchango and now Fluxx, he is the leader with unparalleled industry respect.


Paul Dawson

Paul has been leading the way in digital experience since 1996. A lateral thinker who inspires others, he loves working with amazing brands doing highly visible things.


Gary Wilson

Gary has been at the centre of the e-commerce revolution of the last 16 years, working in insurance, retail banking, mortgage and investment sectors. He is a people person who loves technology.


Dan Wyllie

Dan has a wealth of experience in delivering leading edge products and services across finance and media. Constantly driving a lean approach to understanding and solving customer problems.

The rest of the team

The rest of the team is a razor-sharp collection of planners, sector experts, strategists and delivery specialists. Amongst them is somebody who almost drowned, a girl who mistook a can of Immac for hair mousse as a teenager and someone who ran with the bulls in Pamplona. We'll leave you to discover which applies to whom.

We're always on the lookout for inquisitive, creative minds. If you're interested in being part of the Fluxx family, email us at: talent@fluxx.uk.com.