Collective intelligence
We’ve created some ground-breaking, award-winning and innovative work at Fluxx, and that’s because no two people here think the same way as each other. We’ve come from everywhere - from multinationals to startups, digital agencies to agile consultancies - and worked at all levels, from running innovation programs at local charities to digital editor at a national newspaper.
Start by starting
We’re designers who research, consultants who build things, and strategists who look beyond spreadsheets. We’re as happy in a supermarket car park pouring with rain while testing a proposition as we are designing brand new challenger banks in Dubai. All Fluxx people know that to get anything started, they just need to get started.
“What’s amazing here is the difference we make in weeks to centuries old companies”
Edge, Creative Strategist at Fluxx
Learn by doing
When we find ourselves with any spare time, we don’t do vanity projects for design awards. We build functioning  products to test our process - to make sure what we’re doing with clients is really productive and useful. One week we developed a chatbot for cultural change and tested our experiment framework with an umbrellas-as-a-service startup.
A company with purpose
We've thought long and hard here at Fluxx about why we each get out of bed in the morning, and we honed it into a company purpose that helps guide the big decisions we make - what work we pursue, the people we hire, how we approach working with clients, and how we contribute to the communities in which we operate.

Our purpose here at Fluxx is to realise untapped potential, to bring joy and human progress. Sounds grand, but it's not really. In fact, it's really helped us shape our business, our people, our relationships with clients, and the wider industry. It's also given us a good excuse to help others - but we won't brag about that here.
Part of every project today is an understanding of the impact of data. Whether that’s big and computational, like using machine learning to spot potential hazards on thousands of construction sites worldwide; or small and personal, like understanding customers through in-depth interviews about their use of a service, Fluxxers are experts at cutting through the noise and finding the signal.
Working with, not for
In all our projects we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. We don’t disappear for three weeks and build a shiny thing - we work with existing staff and teams to develop and test new propositions and equip them with the tools and mindset to stay close to customers long after our project is launched.
Loveable Misfits
We are always looking for the right people to join our team. We don't have a template or a job description. So if you think you could add to our gang and have something special to bring to the party - do get in touch. It never hurts to talk.